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Support Portal

Digital platform for professional service staff to respond and solve client tickets

  • Development time

    7 Months

  • Resources involved

    2 Professionals


A well known web hosting company needed an end to end solution for SupportPortal which can read the emails, extract information/attachments and open support tickets automatically based on defined levels.

The client organization also needed the document highlighting, tagging, aggregation and reporting on top of the data.

Business Goal

Read the emails from support accounts near real time

Perform parsing, text extraction from emails and attachments.

Index the extracted data, perform tagging on the indexed data.

Provide visualization on top of indexed data.

Open the tickets for the support emails in the inhouse support system.

Design & deliver custom dashboards for different levels of organization.


There were few challenges while implementation of the SupportPortal which are,

Providing accurate text extraction from email & attachments.

Support emails identification.

Near real time reading and indexing the data for proper visualization.


System architecture

  • We provided end to end Software development services to our client and delivered a simple, scalable, fault tolerant solution to our client organization.
  • Our Java, Search solution development team have delivered various connectors for reading emails in near real time, indexing application utilities for indexing the extracted data into distributed index.
  • We also delivered the tagging, highlighting and other features by developing a custom application for visualizing the extracted content, tags, highlighted content etc.
  • Apart from that, we also integrated our additional application which opens tickets automatically in an inhouse support system whenever the support ticket email has arrived.



We divided the solution into different components like, email connectors, indexer app, visualization app and extension for opening the tickets in support system.

Then we followed an iterative phased approach to implement the solution that included the following phases:

Business requirements analysis.

Architecture design.


Performance tuning.

Road map

Requirement Analysis
  • Brainstorm
  • Innovation
  • Research
  • Resource planning
Architecture Planning
  • Architecture Design
  • System Prototyping
  • Documentation
  • Back end development - Utilities for Aggregation, Transformation, Data cleansing, etc.
  • Front end development.
Quality Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Production
  • Evaluation

Business Benefits

We delivered a multipack solution to our client organization which enabled them to have better data analytics on top of email content. The solution enabled our client’s operation improvement by 12% which was due to effective ticket resolution for unknown issues, automated ticket opening and support staff task minimization.

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