Big Data Development

Enable faster data-driven decision making.

Enable faster data-driven decision making.

It is not an easy task to manage a large amount of data at one place if there is no Big Data. Let it be a desktop or a sensor, the transition can be done very effectively using Big Data. So, if you think your company requires Big Data development services, you must have to choose the company that offers amazing processing capabilities and authentic skills.

Prominent Pixel is one of the best Big Data consulting companies that offer excellent Big Data solutions. The exceptional growth in volume, variety, and velocity of data made it necessary for various companies to look for Big Data consulting services. We, at Prominent Pixel, enable faster data-driven decision making using our vast experience in data management, warehousing, and high volume data processing.

What we do

Our Big Data Solution & Services

We offer realtime, custmizable big data solutions at affordable prices with top-notch data analytics

Data Strategy & Consulting

Determining the strategy of big data is the first step that anyone should start with. Our Big Data team helps clients to determine the perfect strategy for their businesses by analyzing their data and then consult them on improvement.

Data Development

We implement, develop, and deliver effective, scalable, and secured Big Data analytics applications thus reducing implementation time and additional costs. Our Big Data team consults you in designing prototypes using powerful Big Data tools and technologies. After the validation of a prototype, a production-grade implementation will takes place.

Data Science

With the help of methodologies, our Big Data team will implement advanced models that separate signals from the noise and provides insights. Our Big Data team has expertise in machine learning, enterprise search, advanced statistical decision science and much more.

Big Data Testing & Automation

We ensure quality Big Data testing and automation through accuracy and effectiveness. We deliver your project after it has gone through three stages of effective validation: data stage validation, MapReduce validation, and output validation followed by performance testing.

Why Big Data Development?

Finding out the hidden insights using Big Data has become simple with Prominent Pixel. Being the best big Data consulting services in India, we offer accurate insights that enhance your real-time business. We provide Big data solutions to the clients across the globe thus we dealt more than hundred projects till now. Among different services in Big Data, our Hadoop Big data solutions have created the ever-lasting impression about our services because of the huge success of the projects related to it.

Hadoop is designed in the way that it can be operated on very large sets of data at an affordable price. Our Big Data team is specialized in providing the productive solutions by fulfilling specific needs of the business and clients.

New Products & Services
At Prominent Pixel, we provide a wide range of Big Data development services and we use the top Big Data tools such as Cloudera, Datameer, Kognitio, and Lucid Imagination. Also, our skilled team will always will be updated with the latest products and techniques that comes in market.
Improved Customer Service
Prominent Pixel helps you improve customer service using Big Data analytics. Today, everyone knows how important customer satisfaction is for the success of the business and so there is no way you can ignore it. Our team of Big Data experts will improve your customer service by creating exact insights that adds value to your long lasting relationships.
Data Visualization for End User
Data Visualization plays the important role in generating the leads thus huge business. It allows us to have a visual access to a large amount of data with easily understandable visuals. At Prominent Pixel, we use various tools such as Tableau, Chart.js, Dygraphs, D3JS, and HighCharts for visuals and stories. We also generate custom dashboards, reports, and metrics according to your business.
Get New Business Opportunities
Big Data helps you get the new business opportunities and creates competitive advantages using data as a strategic asset which has real-time information that helps increasing customer experience. Big Data in recent days has become an ideal choice to develop new products, services, and even business models. With the help of cloud and other new technologies, Big Data is able to offer services to the enterprises of all sizes.

Our Team In Big Data Development

We have an excellent team who can provide Big Data consulting services and till now, they have helped hundreds of enterprises to build their using data management and analytics platforms. To leverage the best industry tools to store, process, analyze, and visualize data, our team uses various technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Tableau, Highcharts and many more.

As per the requirement of our valued clients, our team of experts offers customized Big Data development services. Your organization operations can be managed faster, smoother, and secured through our Big Data analytics solutions. We also offer the services at affordable prices to all small, medium, and large enterprises.

Why Prominent Pixel as your next Big Data Development Partner?

  • Professional team having domain expertise professionals who can build effective big data applications and development services with all required features.
  • Experienced team have delivered scalable enterprise solutions to fortune 500 companies.
  • Our big data team is having currently 56+ satisfied clients across the glob and still counting.
  • Proficient in providing low cost, scalable, easy to use solutions and services.

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