Cloud - DevOps Development

Enable faster data-driven decision making.

Multi-phase of the life cycle to be more connected

Cloud DevOps development services are required to cater the cultural and ethical requirements of different teams of a software company. All the hurdles caused by the separation of development, QA, and IT teams can be resolved easily using Cloud DevOps. It also amplifies the delivery cycle by supporting the development and testing to release the product on the same platform. Though Cloud and DevOps are independent, they together have the ability to add value to the business through IT.

Prominent Pixel is the leading Cloud DevOps service provider in India which has also started working for the abroad projects recently. A steady development and continuous delivery of the product can be possible through DevOps consulting services and Prominent Pixel can provide such services. Focusing on the multi-phase of the life cycle to be more connected is another benefit of Cloud DevOps and this can be done efficiently with the best tools we have at Prominent Pixel.

Our Cloud DevOps development services ensure end-to-end delivery through continuous integration and development through the best cloud platforms. With our DevOps consulting services, we help small, medium, and large-scale enterprises align their development and operation to ensure higher efficiency and faster response to build and market high-quality software.

What we do

Our Cloud & DevOps Services

Prominent Pixel Cloud DevOps development services ensure end-to-end delivery through continuous integration and development through the best cloud platforms.


Prominent Pixel has the vision to predict the consequences that challenge you in the future. So, by keeping in mind the hurdles that you are going to face, our team will work on your project carefully with vision to overcome problems in future. We help your dreams come into reality with our efforts and dedication.

Strategic Planning

Our strategies always help you stay high on the market trends. Initially, we plan everything from the start to an end of the project after making a complete in-depth discussion with a client about the project. Our planning includes providing input, clarity of the further process, adaptability, and much more.

Constant Alignment

At Prominent Pixel, our Cloud DevOps team helps you align with the products, investments, and process constantly to enhance visibility and transparency of the activities. You will also be informed about the decisions made from time to time until the project is handed over to you.

Continuous Development

Continuous development for application management, integration, testing, delivery, and deployment on Azure will be done. Complete support with managed services for infrastructure Ops will also be taken care.

DevOps Software Development

At Prominent Pixel, DevOps software development services are flexible and agile which meets all the business needs that help delivering quality services effectively. Our DevOps team can develop and deliver the software with no flaws in the given time frame.

Security Management and Monitoring

Prominent Pixel provides safe and secure Cloud DevOps services by configuring the clusters and servers. For configuration, our Cloud DevOps development team manages VPN accounts, monitors logs, and applies patches.

Our Cloud DevOps Services Team

Our team of Cloud DevOps provides the end-to-end solutions for DevOps software development, DevOps consulting services, Cloud development services, Application development in a DevOps enterprise, and Cloud computing development. Our team has expertise in managing and utilizing the latest tools, DevOps techniques, and layout base for automation.

Through their expertise and professionalism at work, our Cloud DevOps team will establish long-term relationships with all of our clients. Every business has a unique idea and so the requirements may vary. At Prominent Pixel, our team will first discuss with the clients about their projects and then analyze it to find the best possible solution. To get the cost-effective Cloud DevOps consulting services and to fulfill your business needs, consulting Prominent Pixel is the best solution.

Why Prominent Pixel as your next Cloud - DevOps Partner?

  • One click deployments for rapid deployments
  • Configuration of automated alerts
  • Integration of best tools for agile delivery
  • Infrastructure security
  • Log Management
  • Continuous integration and development
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Workflow management optimization for effective communication
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Collaboration with DevOps and QA team