Does Spring Boot Use Tomcat?

Does Spring Boot Use Tomcat?

Spring boot paves an easy way to create stand-alone and production-grade spring-based applications which you can just run. 

Most of the spring boot applications need minimal spring configurations. The spring boot helps create applications tied to a specific platform. It can run locally on a device even without an internet connection. 

Does spring boot use Tomcat for further functioning? Yes, spring boot allows the user to embed the servers like Tomcat, jetty etc. You can go through the passage below if you are looking for information about the specific version.

Working principle of spring-boot

Spring boot configures your application based on the dependencies you have added to the project by using @EnableAutoconfiguration annotation. 

For example, if the MySQL database is on your classpath but is not configured with any database connection, then the spring boot manually auto-configures an in-memory database. It allows four major designing principles:

  • The open-closed principle means the behavior of a software module in which a class can be extended to make it behave in new and different ways.
  • Liskov substitution principle can be stated as the following, in the computer program, if S is a subtype of T, then the objects of type T can be replaced with the objects of type S. It cannot involve the alteration of any of the desirable properties of the program.
  • The interface segregation principle involves segregating the fat interface into smaller, highly cohesive interfaces.

Deploying of spring boot into Tomcat

Does spring boot use Tomcat for the further process of web applications? Spring boot application used the version of Tomcat as 7. 

We need to use a higher version of Tomcat, and then you have to override the maven build property, which will trigger the build resolution. It was created by default; thus, the spring boot uses Tomcat 7. 

If you want to use the Tomcat 8, you have to override with the maven builds tomcat version property. This mildly triggers the resolution of the builds for Apache tomcat.

Embedded Tomcat in spring boot

Spring boot is one of the popular java-based frameworks which develops microservices. You can activate by the default application, in which the spring boot automatically creates an embedded tomcat server with the microservices developed each time a build or deployment occurs. 

It can use Tomcat as the default embedded container. Tomcat is used to build web applications, including RESTful applications using Spring MVC.

How can you run a spring boot application without Tomcat?

You should make a spring boot that excludes the Tomcat as a dependency. To exclude the Tomcat from the spring boot, you should add the exclusion for blocking to the spring boot starter web dependency. 

During the build time, maven will exclude Tomcat from the spring boot.You can use the spring boot application without the use of the tomcat 7 also. But tomcat application plays a vital role in the web application of the spring boot.

Spring boot developers

For the excellent working and output of the spring boot web application. You can hire spring boot developers for further clarification and the process of running the applications. 

It is an open-source java-based framework used to create the microservice. It was concised with the pivotal team and experts and is used to build stand-alone and production-ready spring applications.

Payment of spring boot developer

You can Hire spring boot developers for better output of the process. Java Spring boot developers get a salary of 2.1 lakhs to 12.0 lakhs. 

They avail with an annual salary of 4.5 lakhs. They are currently in high demand in the corporate world only because of their excellent scalability. You can provide experts in the team who involve much talent in developing web applications.

Responsible criteria of spring boot development

The key features of the spring boot developer are designing, constructing, and testing the projects which employ the strong spring framework. The spring boot developers involve in making the tasks like Consulting with the stakeholders to ensure all the needs they want to meet.

  • For the designing of spring boot applications
  • They were involved in the development of the spring boot application
  • For troubleshooting the project, the application
  • You should optimize the old code
  • You can produce the written documentation also for further clarification.


Spring boot developers specialized in creating enterprise-level microservices in the spring boot platform. 

They have access to the spring framework with all numerous connectors and packages. Compared with others, these microservices are more powerful. Spring boot developers create the application to need the requirement of the consumers. 

Hence, consumer systems can be made efficiently and safely on a daily basis. Senior engineers mainly designed it. Here in this passage, you are provided with information about spring boot developers and the application of Tomcat, and you can use it.

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