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  • Development time

    9 Months

  • Resources involved

    1 Professionals


One of our clients needed a customized product for processing, searching and performing data analytics on large amount of document type data and it's metadata. The primary purpose of the system is to perform fast analytics and reporting on large scale of data.

Business Goal

Process the data and find plan text.

Index those data and it's metadata for faster searching.

Perform predefined analytics on the data.

Provide dynamic criteria searching on the data with it's metadata.

Reporting on result and export those documents.


There were multiple challenges while developing the solution like,

Handling massive amount of documents.

Delivering fault tolerant indexing & searching solution.

Providing meaningful data analytics on top of indexed data.


System architecture

  • For the fast and module based development, we have divided the system in the small sub modules like process the document, Indexing the documents and provide analytics on the documents.
  • For document processing, we have used distributed processing framework to generate predefined analytics on the documents after processing those documents we have stored results on distributed file system.
  • In document indexing process, we have indexed the documents from RDBMS and distributed file system for faster and Scalable solution.
  • We have web interface with dynamic query built for searching and analysis of the documents, it also contains functionality to store useful result, export and re-render stored results whenever user want some action on it.



We have followed sprint based application development, continuous development and continuous integrations.

Business requirements analysis.

Architecture design.

Application development.

Road map

Requirement Analysis
  • Brainstorm
  • Innovation
  • Research
  • Resource planning
Architecture Planning
  • Architecture Design
  • System Prototyping
  • Documentation
  • Back end development.
  • Front end development.
Quality Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Production
  • Evaluation

Business Benefits

Our Big Data/ Java team delivered the desired solution to the client organization and as a result the users are able to perform efficient searching from the documents. Users are also able to find more relevant documents based on the search terms as we delivered optimized relevance solution for document searching.

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