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Logistics Management

Real-time monitoring and visualization platform of the logistic assets

  • Development time

    6 Months

  • Resources involved

    2 Professionals


A well known Logistics Management organization required to build the product which can provide real time monitoring/visualizations of the logistic assets.

The primary goal of the system was to collect all the logs generated on each GPS device of the vehicle, aggregate them, index the data and perform real time analytics on top of the data.

The system should also enable the near real time tracking, present location, and tentative journey time for specific vehicle/cargo.

Business Goal

Aggregate the logs at location, parse them and extract information.

Index the information using prominent indexing tools.

Perform analytics of the data and issue alerts and notifications if required.


There were multiple challenges while developing the solution like,

Collecting & processing massive amounts of logs emitting from different devices at rapid speed.

Indexing massive amount of data generated at realtime.

Designing & developing efficient dashboards on top of massive data for analytics.


System architecture

  • We provided consulting services to the client for creating a solution from scratch. Our search solution development team performed in depth analysis of whole use case as it involves real time data analytics.
  • We implemented the system using various prominent log collection, indexing and visualization tools.
  • Our team also provided custom notification utilities and we also developed various custom dashboards for each level of the organization.



We followed an iterative phased approach to implement the solution that included the following phases:

Business requirements analysis.

Architecture design.

Implementation for limited devices and performance tuning.

Scaling solution for whole organization.

Road map

Requirement Analysis
  • Brainstorm
  • Innovation
  • Research
  • Resource planning
Architecture Planning
  • Architecture Design
  • System Prototyping
  • Documentation
  • Back end development - Utilities for Aggregation, Transformation, Data cleansing, etc.
  • Front end development.
Quality Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Production
  • Evaluation

Business Benefits

We delivered a sophisticated near real time data analytics solution to our client organization. By using the solution our client organization was able to achieve an 8% performance improvement in overall performance of end to end delivery.

The performance improvement was achieved due to better route selection, on time notifications to various terminals at different locations, traffic notifications for different routes etc.

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